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Gather Your Tools

You don’t need much to create your own Sock Monkey, but the below will get you creating.

  • Select the size of sock needed for your preferred Sock Monkey
    • Size S = approximately 11 inch
    • Size M = approximately 14 inch
    • Size L = approximately 17 inch
    • Size XL = approximately 20 inch
  • Scissors
  • Marker Pen
  • Needle and thread
  • Wadding filling

Get Started
By Downloading Your Free Pattern Guide

Download the standard instructions for creating a monkey. But the beauty of the sock monkey is how you can personalize it to make it your own. Varying the instructions and adding custom accents will make your monkey, your own. You can always make another!


Download Here

Follow The Step By Step Instructions

• For measuring, use the ruler found on the back of this guide or your own.
It may be easier to sew the body of the monkey, tail, ears and arms with a sewing machine.
When sewing, be sure to keep your stitches close together so stuffing won’t peak out.
When cutting around any sewn seam, cut at least 1/4″ from the seam.
The amount of stuffing you put in your monkey will determine its shape. Be sure to use the dowel to fully stuff arms, legs and tail. The dowel will help prevent lumps.

Personalize Your Monkey
There are so many variations you can make to the basic pattern. Get creative.
Customize ear shapes, use buttons, beads or embroider detailed eyes, add nostrils with black thread, detail mouth by stitching across center and create clothing out of scrap fabric or socks

Keen To Create More? Download More Free Patterns

Enjoyed your first Sock monkey creation? lets explore other designs to further your skills. Sock Kitten and Sock Elephant are great “next step” designs to work on.


Download Here

Create Even More Friends For Your Sock Monkey Family

This updated 48-page, soft-cover pattern book features photographs that highlight detail and finishing techniques; a clean, whimsical design that makes for an easy-to-follow read; and updated patterns that add new toys and puppets to make.

  • Full-color photos show toy details and finishing ideas
  • Updated layout makes patterns easy-to-follow and clearer than ever before
  • Advanced hair, facial features, clothing patterns and tips